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“Parsi is a wonderful writer.”—Time Out
“Beautifully crafted … layered, nuanced writing.”—Windy City Times

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The Life You Gave Me

A son tries to save his mother. She has other ideas. So do two mysterious strangers who watch the play—and ask the son to tell the story again and again until he gets it right, whatever right might be.

Remains and Returns: Ashland New Plays Festival

Remains and Returns

In 2018, as the Shirvani family talks about nothing and everything, two middle-aged brothers confront their elderly parents about impending realities. Thirty years earlier, the parents confront their teen sons about their own hopes for their children’s futures. Returning to 2018, Remains and Returns considers how we deny our pasts, and how our pasts endure.


Ashland New Plays Festival: Winner

Bay Area Playwrights Festival: Finalist

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference: Semifinalist

The Innkeepers: Queens Theatre

The  Innkeepers

When four guests arrive at a remote rural inn for what appears to be a weekend getaway, the innkeeper, Arzu Amiri, reveals they are all bound together by a terrible event involving her son 17 years earlier. The characters enact and re-enact their shifting versions of what happened until Arzu arrives at her own truth and her own devastating decision.


Woodward/Newman Award: Finalist

Amphibian Stage, SparkFest: Finalist

Broad Horizons Theatre Company, New Plays Festival: Finalist

Queens Theatre: Virtual staged reading

Bay Area Playwrights Festival: Semifinalist

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference: Semifinalist

Landing Theatre Company, New American Voices Playwriting Festival: Semifinalist

Through the Elevated Line: Silk Road Rising

Through the Elevated Line

Having fled Iran where he was imprisoned for being a gay man, a damaged Razi arrives at his sister’s Chicago doorstep only to disrupt the life she and her American husband have built together. With echoes of A Streetcar Named Desire, Through the Elevated Line probes the boundaries between family, loss, prejudice, and desire.


Silk Road Rising: Premiere production

Jeff Awards: Best New Work nominee

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Staged reading

Take This World: The New Group

Take This World

Roya has made a name as a writer by chronicling her experience raising her severely impaired son, Nicholas. Now she refuses to acknowledge that, as an adult, the increasingly violent Nicholas may be beyond her—or perhaps anyone's—control.


The New Group: Staged reading

Bay Area Playwrights Festival: Semifinalist

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference: Semifinalist

Our Mother's Meal: Playwrights Foundation

Our Mother’s Meal

Throughout one long day, while an Iranian-American mother tirelessly cooks and cooks, her three children traipse back to the family home with their very American attitudes, expectations, and conflicts. As the day progresses, she must reckon with an escalating crisis that threatens the foundation of their lives.


Playwrights Foundation: Staged reading

Bay Area Playwrights Festival: Finalist

O’Neill National Playwrights Conference: Semifinalist

Those Ills We Have: Golden Thread Productions

Those Ills We Have

Farid is in pain, and has been for six years. Now that everything is on the line, can Diego, the pain management guru, help Farid identify the root cause of his pain? Is it his Iranian family’s disappointment in his life choices? Is it the pressures of his interracial marriage? Or is it all just in his head?


Golden Thread Productions: Staged reading

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